For years, you’ve invested serious time, money, and effort into collecting every data point possible on potential buyers before serving them the most relevant, engaging, and—ultimately—effective email messages possible.

But that’s all about to change. So, which data-driven tactics can you build your next email campaign around to inspire success?

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Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection gives users several new ways to safeguard their data against senders who don’t have permission to collect it.

So, what does this mean for your marketing strategy and the future of email?

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The past year has been tough for marketers everywhere. In fact, 59% have felt like quitting their current job at one point. The pressure is real —and it’s not going away anytime soon.

So, how can you accomplish all of your goals and feel more fulfilled without any extra work? Learn how you can use automation and data-driven strategy to do more with less and start working smarter instead of harder.

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This year, smart marketers will capitalize on 2020’s lessons to thrive in the make-it-or-break-it Q4 holiday shopping season. Successful marketers will understand how strategic, personalized messaging helps them meet customers where they are now whether that means welcoming newcomers or rewarding brand loyalists. 

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Consumer behavior is changing. Embracing new digital commerce channels and fulfillment experiences is critical for sustained success, with email playing a major role in customer satisfaction. And while an ESP migration could be a long-term solution to making your emails more impactful, your company needs results right now.

So, which tactics can help you create immediate revenue and engagement growth? And how can you implement real-time personalization without any extra budget, dev resources, or martech stack reorganization involved?

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Creative marketers are using the Liveclicker platform to push the boundaries of what’s possible with email, finding new ways to engage customers, and make their teams more efficient. In this edition of Email Innovators, we highlight the work of Food Network, Chipotle, and ChowNow as they drive big results and craft irresistible email promotions using advanced personalization.

Satisfying Subscribers with the Perfect Welcome Email

Whether you’re passionate about meal prepping, finding new recipes, or just watching the world’s best chefs in action, Food Network’s mission is to make the world a better place one kitchen at a time. And it’s accomplishing this goal through a unique combination of welcome emails and moment-of-open personalization.

Based on when and where a new subscriber opens their email, content is dynamically updated to deliver the most relevant and engaging interaction possible. Trending recipes, blog posts, Instagram photos, and a full, localized television programming schedule are delivered directly to someone’s inbox—putting the best of Food Network’s content in front of subscribers soon after signup.

Innovation pays off:

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Trick or Treat: Why Not Both?

When thousands of fans started asking if its annual Boorito celebration would be cancelled last Halloween, Chipotle knew there was an opportunity—and appetite—for more online engagement. Especially after seeing the success of several virtual trick-or-treat events.

In a year where most events were postponed or canceled, Chipotle made sure this fan-favorite event wouldn’t fall victim to the pandemic. Personalized emails, text messages, and social media posts that contained unique promo codes for BOGO entrees helped the brand bring a new level of fun, entertainment, and—most importantly—engagement to its Boorito event.

Innovation pays off:

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Building a Better Customer Experience

To enhance its customer experience, ChowNow wanted to send every client a personalized monthly dashboard breaking down their performance and platform usage. But building, updating, and delivering these data-driven emails was going to be a massive undertaking for its marketing team to handle.

So, the brand turned to Liveclicker for help. And through our automated workflows and dynamic content tools, its clients now enjoy a customer experience that delivers the monthly performance data insights they’ve always wanted.

And the best part? These monthly wrap-up emails don’t take any extra work to produce. Through Liveclicker, they’re automatically generated to deliver real-time results, platform performance insights, loyalty program membership trends, and more inside one message.

Innovation pays off:

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Innovation takeaways

Become an Email Innovator yourself with these relevant tips and takeaways:

Embrace change. Every day, the end of COVID-19 gets closer. But that doesn’t mean all the changes stop. As audience and business needs evolve, your ability to pivot at the drop of a hat has never been more important. Being able to segment readers based on where they reside is an extremely valuable first step to not only deliver more relevant content, but to engage with customers and learn about changes before they’re mission-critical.

Encourage omnichannel engagement. Slowly but surely, the world is getting back to normal. But online engagement is here to stay. So, you need to have a plan in place for reaching and converting omnichannel shoppers into loyal subscribers.

Design with flexibility in mind. Agility is one of the biggest advantages any business can have. Especially when combined with personalized content. Email templates and pre-written messaging are easy wins that can keep your company nimble regardless of the challenges it encounters in 2021.

After a year where brick and mortar stores were shuttered and online shopping skyrocketed, consumers are receiving an overwhelming amount of email marketing messages. To have any hope of cutting through the clutter and catching customers’ attention, retailers must embrace email personalization. 

Done well, email personalization helps mid-market retailers challenge industry juggernauts like Amazon. This guide, based on the exhaustive research behind Sailthru and Liveclicker’s fourth annual Retail Personalization Index, outlines the strategies, tips, and trends you can use to grow revenue and become globally competitive.

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Sailthru and Liveclicker joined forces to bring you the fourth annual Retail Personalization Index — the industry’s most detailed, consumer-driven research into the brands personalizing their customer experiences best. 

In a year unlike any other, retailers had to pivot quickly to survive. But this year’s Top 100 brands did more than survive — they thrived, experiencing growth and cementing new loyal customers for years to come. The ability to move at the speed of the customer — to engage individuals wherever they are — is what sets them apart from the rest.

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The past year has been one change after another. New challenges. New processes. And never-before-seen ways to get the job done. For retail, business as usual went out the window months ago.

As life begins to open back up in 2021, new buyer behaviors, priorities, and preferences will set a higher standard for your customer experience. And value-based personalization is your best option to deliver the meaningful, engaging interactions your brand needs.

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The marketing experts at Theorem and Liveclicker joined forces to share proven best practices for personalization, interactivity, accessibility and more.

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