RealTime Personalization



Instantly personalize messages with any data, from any system, all at the moment a subscriber opens your email. At last, it’s possible to execute on the long-held vision of personalization at scale.




Access Data from Anywhere

Access data from any source, in real time. Each of your openers receives a contextually relevant, engaging message.

Open-Time Personalization

Leverage up-to-the minute data to individualize messages based on each recipient’s constantly changing context.

RealTime Behavioral Profiles

Harness consumer web and mobile app  behavior to create highly personalized experiences and develop deeper relationships.

Adaptive Personalization

Use advanced predictive technology to easily discover and automatically deliver your best person-centric message.

ESP LiveConnect

Create unified customer profiles to execute more effective segmentation strategies and boost program performance.

Product Recommendations

Display products precisely matched to recipient preferences and behaviors based on open-time inventory and pricing data.

Powerful Analytics

Access a massively scalable analytics engine to help you visualize how real-time content marketing drives maximum success.