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  • Liveclicker Unveils Email Personalization Suite July 17, 2018 — Liveclicker has introduced a personalization suite that it says will help brands send relevant email messages. Read on
  • The Last Blast: Retailers Are Moving To Behavioral Emails June 8, 2018 — Email remains the most profitable channel. But batch-and-blast mailing is fading out as behavioral targeting takes over — especially in retail, according to Marketers Are On A Mission, a study by SmarterHQ, Cheetah Digital, Liveclicker, and Mailcharts. Read on
  • How Email Can Make Up For Declining Organic Facebook Reach June 7, 2018 — To make up for this diminishing impact of organic reach on social media platforms, it’s important to apply what you’ve learned from social media’s personalization and data analysis to your email marketing. Read on
  • Survey: Consumers are frustrated with brand marketers June 5, 2018 — Despite marketers’ increased focus on targeting shoppers with personalized messaging, consumers are becoming increasingly frustrated by the mounds of irrelevant mass communications they are still receiving from brands, according to the findings of a recent survey. Read on
  • Brands have yet to master B2C digital marketing, survey says June 5, 2018 – Although 70 percent of millennials say they are frustrated by receiving irrelevant emails, most brands still mostly send mass communications. And, while marketers spend to drive online traffic first, mobile second and physical locations last, more than half of consumers still do most of their shopping in-store, according to a new ... Read on