Data Everywhere, Harnessed for 1:1

When you can pull data from any source, in real-time, the personalization possibilities are endless.

Advanced Inbox Experiences & Real-Time Email Content

Enable advanced in-email experiences like live streaming video, animated charts drawn in real-time, live inventory updates, contextually relevant offers, and much more.

Built By Marketers,
For Marketers

Your production process is painful enough already. Liveclicker’s personalization platform makes it simple with a copy/paste approach, streamlined user interface, an extensive partner ecosystem, and exclusive integrations with the leading email content creation platforms.

Behavioral Profiles

Combine behavioral data collected from your website or mobile app with email open-time data to bring a higher order of relevance to any promotional or triggered message.

ESP LiveConnect

Seamlessly connect to your trusted Email Service Provider so you can drive more effective and powerful segmentation strategies.