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The importance of personalization on improving the customer experience and overall marketing effectiveness has never been more apparent. 

That’s why email marketers have been aggressively improving individualized relevance and 1:1 messaging throughout the email experience; from subject lines to content recommendations, copy and imagery, real-time factors like time/location and local weather conditions, and much more. But one important piece of the email marketing toolkit, the animated image, has resisted extensive personalization efforts—until now. 

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New technology now makes it possible to combine the power of personalization with the eye-catching, compelling energy of animated. Here’s how to personalize animated email; and some ideas for making the most of this 1-2 punch.

Personalization, Brought to Life

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The use of animated images has shown to be more effective across the marketing spectrum. For example, research shows social media posts with gifs attached generate 167% more click throughs and 20% greater engagement for B2C brands than their static counterparts. Animated content can be especially effective at reaching younger generations like Millennials and Gen Z, who have started using visuals like gifs and emojis as a standard part of their everyday communication. 

Here at Liveclicker, we’ve seen brands making clever use of animated imagery from slideshows to gifs to streaming video in their emails to remarkable effect, including impressive growth in click, engagement and conversion rates.

Psssst. Need some ‘moving’ inspiration for using animated content in your own campaigns? Check out our Sample Gallery!

Now that personalization can be added, your animated email content can be even more effective! That’s why Liveclicker is extremely excited to introduced Personalized LiveSlides, a new capability that empowers you to include individually relevant, personally compelling messages to our existing LiveSlides functionality.

Here’s a basic rendition of what it can look like:

how to personalize animated email content

What You Can Personalize

Email marketers can now automate the addition of almost any data point tied to a subscriber in dynamic slides that adapt to each opener. The only limitation is that this data must be pulled from your ESP fields. 

Depending on how much you know about your users, that could include:

  • • Personal data like name, age, location, job title, gender, birthdays and so on.
  • • Account information: membership status, loyalty program points, renewal deadlines
  • • Preferences like favorite content/product categories, store location tendencies, etc.
  • • Transactional history; recent purchases, amount spent/saved, most common purchases
  • • Behavioral data such as recent site content viewed, abandoned carts, and email engagement

Email Tip: Need to learn a little more about subscribers to send them more personalized content? Try embedding an in-email poll asking basic questions about themselves and their preferences!

But wait, there’s more! You can even customize your Personalized LiveSlides with a different link on each individual slide! Supporting email clients can forward openers to different landing pages depending on when they click on the image. For instance; a slideshow could be set to send a subscriber to their membership portal when displaying their loyalty points, then adjust to link to a relevant ecommerce page when showing their most common purchase.

This solution is automated and highly scalable, meaning you can deliver a more relevant experience to your entire mailing list with minimal additional production time!

How to Use It

We’re excited to see the myriad innovative tactics that email marketers put into work with this new solution. In the meantime, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • • Remind loyalty members of their status and benefits. Populate a slideshow with the latest membership points data, total savings, and distance to their next benefits threshold.
  • • Improve the user experience. Add a different link to each slide that directs users to the most relevant landing page to the information being displayed at that moment.
  • • Save space. Email real-estate is sparse and valuable. A slideshow of personalized content means you can compress a lot of 1:1 messaging into a compact space.
  • • Surprise subscribers on a special day. Fill a triggered email set to deploy on a birthday or membership anniversary with personalized animated content.
How to Personalize Animated Email Content with LiveSlides

If you’re already a Liveclicker user, this capability is now available for use. Let your imagination run wild, and contact your account rep for ideas and assistance in bringing your vision to life!

If you don’t have a Liveclicker account, not to worry. You can still add this powerful tool to your bag of tricks in a short time frame. Contact us for a demo of this and other real-time personalization capabilities!

Never Stop Innovating

Personalized LiveSlides is just the latest piece in our never-ending stream of email marketing innovations. We are committed to continuously improving existing capabilities for our clients and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with email. 

We have even more exciting news on the horizon. Stay tuned for creative and cutting-edge updates to our real-time personalization and dynamic content suite!


Mark is Email Experience Analyst for Liveclicker. He writes for and about brands developing real, meaningful relationships with customers through email, content, digital media and more. His love for marketing lies at the place where creative and analytics intersect, and he makes a mean vegetarian chili.

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