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Happy Haunting: Halloween Email Roundup


If you’ve got it, haunt it, and these brands have it! We compiled some of our favorite RealTime Email Halloween campaigns for you, and they’re scary good.

Check them out … if you dare!

Busch Gardens

Subject: Last Weekend To Face The Frights

Busch Gardens Halloween Email

Busch Gardens sent out this scream-worthy email promoting its various haunted houses. When the recipient clicks on or hovers over the logos, an animated GIF promoting the haunted house plays. This strategy can be a good way for brands to put more content in their email in a way that is a good interactive experience for the recipient. See for yourself…

Busch Gardens Halloween Haunted House


Subject: Saves end TODAY! 31% off the Aerie Collection

Lingerie retail company Aerie promoted their Halloween sales event with a ghostly countdown timer encouraging recipients to shop before the promotion on holiday-specific merchandise ends. Once the time expired, an image let openers know the deals were over, but provided a link to shop anyway to deliver a seamless customer experience. Those “witches” will learn to act more quickly next time….boo!


Subject: Inside: A spooktactular offer for loyal customers this Halloween…

Morrisons Halloween

Morrisons created a creepy animated GIF that personalizes to the recipient’s time of open. The email shows “Good Mwahahafternoon” in the afternoon, “Have a fangtastic evening” in the evening, and the “Happy Halloween” image will show at all other times. A great way to make subscribers want to come back to see how it changes!



Subject: Don’t Be Scared! Get Your 3-Day Candy Deal

Halloween Forecast

Supermarket chain H-E-B included a real-time local weather forecast in their Halloween promotional email to help customers plan for trick-or-treating. A helpful feature and a great personalized connection point for recipients. I know I’ll be checking back to see how I should dress tonight!

Subject:  Bone-Chilling Coupons: $6 off Halloween Goodies

H-E-B Halloween Full

In another promotional email message, H-E-B embedded live video to entice customers with a delicious dessert recipe. Reports state that adding video to email can boost click rates up to 300%, so it’s a good strategy to engage subscribers. (MarTech Advisor)


Interested in seeing more creative holiday campaign ideas? Download our Holiday LookBook for all the inspiration you need.



Brittany is a digital marketer with experience building an online presence for both B2B and B2C brands. As the S. Content Marketing Manager for Liveclicker, Brittany plans and produces effective communication across channels, creating valuable content that helps clients and prospects harness the power of moment-of-open personalization.

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