On the Fourth of July, your BBQ guests weren’t the only ones filling up. Because this past weekend, online shoppers also received a stuffed inbox with special holiday sales and offers.

That said, any retail marketer knows that not all emails are created—or received—equally. The messages that truly stand out are the ones you personalize. Because customers always prefer relevant, engaging, and interactive content over one-size-fits-all promotions.

After all, 73% of shoppers engage more with the brands that treat them like individuals across every interaction. Especially if you’re using first-party data to elevate your email’s relevancy and boost ROI.

So, which three brands stood out this Independence Day for their ability to deliver engaging, real-time personalized email experiences to every shopper?

Red, white, and you: Zoro Tools makes Fourth of July savings personal

For businesses everywhere, Fourth of July sales are a favorite tradition. While it’s technically America’s birthday, that doesn’t stop millions of shoppers from taking advantage of the opportunity to save money and buy themselves a midsummer gift or two.

Fourth of July

But for brands like Zoro Tools with thousands of different products to choose from, a generic sales email experience does little to drive results. Most customers are only interested in a handful of items from any retail brand, meaning that if they don’t see discounts on those items right away they’re likely to ignore the entire message.

Zoro’s Independence Day email caught our attention because it was one of the few holiday sales promotions this weekend attached to specific product categories. Rather than alerting email subscribers of a discount or percentage off their purchase and leaving them to figure out how it applied, this email targeted customers most likely to buy household essentials with specific items and a simple, one-click transaction experience.

Plus, this email was the only one we noticed that featured a unique digital coupon code for each customer. Making it easy for buyers to take advantage of the promotion and Zoro Tools to track the effectiveness of this unique campaign.

H-E-B taps into the thrill of the grill this holiday season

What’s more popular on the Fourth of July than fireworks, traveling, or attending a public event? Grilling! In fact, almost 60% of U.S. households hosted a barbeque at some point over the holiday weekend. Giving the brands paying attention to this trend plenty of fuel for their email personalization fire in 2021.

Fourth of July

Grocery retailer H-E-B used the momentum of grilling season to deliver a list of trending products and shopper faves to its Fourth of July email recipients. But the brand didn’t stop there—because it wouldn’t be on this year’s list if that were the case.

What we loved most about this brand’s Independence Day email experience was the inclusion of a handpicked selection of items specially chosen for each recipient. Whether a new subscriber simply received a list of hot sellers or a long-time customer enjoyed a selection of product faves and brands they’ve browsed in the past, this small touch helped H-E-B deliver big results and unbelievable digital customer experiences over the weekend.

Fourth of July

Herman Miller turns individuals into influencers on Independence Day

Summer is the season for social media. With the world opening up once again, millions of Americans are traveling, spending time outside, and making Fourth of July memories that they want to capture, post, and enjoy forever on their favorite online platform.

Fourth of July

Herman Miller used this trend to take its email engagement and customer experience to a new level this Independence Day. By featuring photos and user-generated content posted to buyers’ social media profiles rather than its own professional photographs, this luxury brand was able to personalize its sales promotion and make products more accessible to every household.

Consumer behaviors are rapidly changing. Brands need to move quickly to accommodate new buyer priorities and preferences, creating a seamless experience across channels. And the combination of real-time content and first-party data is your key to delivering value-based personalization that meets customers exactly where they are.

Two innovative partners. One unforgettable experience for you and your customers.

Today, we’re partnering with CM Group sister brand Sailthru to solve the omnichannel personalization challenge. As consumers continue to find more places to engage with a brand, marketers need to be able to move at the speed of the customer, delivering personalized interactions at every engagement. Our latest integration combines the power of Sailthru’s first-party customer data profiles with Liveclicker’s digital library of engaging, conversion-driving personalization elements into a single, cross-channel platform experience.

Through a simple drag-and-drop tool located in Sailthru’s Visual Email Composer (and direct access from Sailthru’s HTML Editor and Campaign Builder), all Liveclicker customer can now tailor cross-channel content to every customer at the moment they engage with your message from directly inside the Sailthru platform. This integrated experience makes it possible to grow audience engagement and loyalty in as little as one click.

But that’s not all. By adding real-time personalization to your first-party data profiles, you create an unforgettable experience that delivers value at every stage of your customer journey.

Amplify the impact of your first-party data with Sailthru + Liveclicker

Drive conversions with real-time personalization and Sailthru’s cross-channel marketing platform

With Sailthru’s easy-to-use Visual Email Composer, you’ve got drag-and-drop access to Liveclicker’s countdown clocks, dynamic content displays, trending social media posts, and more in the same location your first-party data is managed. With one-click access to Liveclicker’s library built directly into your email templates and campaigns, you’ll never have to leave Sailthru’s platform to build and deliver conversion-driving, cross-channel experiences.

Manage all your customer data, marketing campaigns, and personalization strategies from one platform

First-party data is hard to come by, but Sailthru’s data-rich, single-view customer profiles make it easier to collect and use in your real-time personalization elements. This platform hosts the wealth of cross-channel customer data you’ve collected, and when combined with Liveclicker’s library of dynamic content capabilities enables you to seamlessly fuel your messages across marketing campaigns using every digital channel—saving you time while simultaneously elevating performance by adding the perfect amount of interactivity and innovation to your brand’s interactions.

Deliver hyper-personalized product recommendations powered by AI

After combining Sailthru’s data-rich single-view customer profiles, AI and machine learning-based predictions, and Liveclicker’s real-time elements, you’ll find that delivering interest-driven and relevant product recommendations, live product pricing updates, and more has never been easier.

Getting Started with Sailthru + Liveclicker

Want to find out how Sailthru’s first-party data profiles and predictive capabilities can help your real-time personalization strategy deliver better results? Click here to connect with us.
Or, explore a demo of our native Sailthru integration right now.

According to Michael Scott, “Real business is done on paper.” Considering we help companies personalize millions of emails every year, however, we have other opinions.

Regardless of how you do business, though, the last year has been full of changes. After all, who thought you’d be balancing Wi-Fi priorities between your work and school Zoom calls? Or that you’d forget what wearing pants all day feels like?

We’ve been away from work for so long that many of us have forgotten our favorite parts about office culture. So, how will things like Casual Friday, coworker gossip, and coffee breaks change as a result of this ‘new normal?’

The Future of Work?

The truth is, nobody has all the answers. So, we asked two of our favorite accountants to lead Back to The Office: An Evening with Dunder Mifflin’s Finest. And while Chili’s wasn’t at 100% capacity yet, this virtual experience still brought Kevin, Oscar, and hundreds of marketers together to discuss the future of office life.

If you weren’t there, you missed out on an intimate, hour-long Q&A session with Brian Baumgartner and Oscar Nunez that covered topics like:

Fortunately, for the next month you can access our full recording of this experience. Simply click here, enter ‘dundies’ into the password prompt, sit back, and enjoy!

At Liveclicker we are always talking about moments that matter — and how the right moments create momentum. Today marks one of those unique moments for our organization and our parent company, CM Group. We are excited to announce that Selligent Marketing Cloud is joining our family of brands! 

Creating momentum for Liveclicker customers

Nothing will change for Liveclicker customers: you will continue to receive the same amazing customer service, and our product roadmap will remain dedicated to meeting your specific needs, regardless of your ESP or campaign management platform. 

The only impact for our customers is how you will gain from Selligent joining CM Group as our Liveclicker team learns more about multichannel marketing, campaign management best practices, and global consumer trends. As our teams learn from each other, it will only improve the products that we build and the strategies that we help our customers bring to life. 

About Selligent

Selligent has a history that goes back more than three decades, and their team has always focused on the businesses they serve—helping consumer-facing brands elevate their customer experience. 

Through the years, Selligent’s technology has evolved, and now Selligent is a leader in AI-based cross-channel campaign management for enterprise and mid-market organizations in financial services, travel and hospitality, retail and ecommerce, media and publishing, and entertainment. The overlap in expertise that Liveclicker and Selligent have is significant and we look forward to continuing to grow and evolve together as part of CM Group.  

How Selligent improves CM Group’s global impact

This is a big turning point for our company in terms of global service, and we’re excited to work with the Selligent team as, together with our family of brands we facilitate billions of consumer connections every year. 

With Selligenta part of CM Group, our team and customers will have access to even more resources that encourage faster innovation — we now have more than 70,000+ customers globally and over 1,000 employees in locations worldwide.

Now, that’s a moment worth celebrating and here is to many more to come. 

Welcome to the team, Selligent! 

Learn more by reading our press release here.

We all knew the General Data Protection Regulation was going to make waves. Nearing the end of the first year of its enforcement though, our focus is being turned to a new privacy legislation: the California Consumer Protection Act. This data privacy law is aimed broadly at the processing of personal information which relates to consumers residing in the state of California and applies to a variety of entities—from individual operations to corporations—which process that personal information. Like GDPR, its purpose is to remedy the imbalances created by new technology and the expanding use of personal information in a sparse landscape of consumer protections, and it attempts this by establishing the privacy rights of individuals and creating an accountability framework for the processing and “selling” of personal information.

Liveclicker maintains a robust privacy program designed around the concept of Privacy by Design and long-standing principles for data privacy represented by privacy frameworks like the one established by the OECD. Through this privacy program, we are in the process of assessing CCPA’s requirements and reviewing any gaps in our current standards. If necessary, we will integrate changes into our software to ensure that our customers are able to comply with their own obligations under CCPA.

CCPA itself is very broad in its current interpretation, with many amendments still being considered by California State legislature. This means the scope and applicability of CCPA could change as we near its effective date of January 1, 2020. As CCPA and other new privacy laws take shape, at the Federal level, or across the globe, Liveclicker believes that our privacy program is well suited to adapt to changing regulations and support the privacy and security of individuals globally. 

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on the Litmus blog.

If you utilize Litmus Builder to build and code your emails and use Liveclicker to power dynamic content in your campaigns, you’ll love Liveclicker’s newest Chrome extension—RealTime Email Content for Litmus Builder. The new extension integrates Litmus Builder with Liveclicker, making it easy to access and embed real-time content without toggling back and forth between tools.

We sat down with Jen Fahey, Director of Product Management at Liveclicker, to get the scoop on the brand new extension:

What’s RealTime Email Content for Litmus Builder?

It’s a Liveclicker integration, delivered as a Chrome extension, that provides email developers a fast and easy way to access powerful real-time content right from within Litmus Builder.

What’s your motivation behind building the extension?

We know a lot goes into building great emails, and we’ve built this integration to make life easier for email developers.

Before this extension existed, a developer would need to log into Liveclicker’s RealTime Email platform, find the campaign for which the real-time content embed tag was needed, copy it, and toggle back to Litmus Builder to add the code. While hardly arduous, it wasn’t the ideal workflow. With this new integration, developers can save time and more readily access the personalization capabilities that Liveclicker is known for—all from within the comfort of their favorite development environment.

How does the RealTime Email for Litmus Builder work?

The extension is integrated into Builder projects and snippets, so email developers can easily access Liveclicker embed codes while coding email templates.  

Once the Extension is installed, new Liveclicker buttons within the Litmus Builder interface allow developers to retrieve a list of all live Liveclicker campaigns, so they can easily add the embed tags for those campaigns into the HTML. And if you’re using LiveData—that’s Liveclicker’s analytics feature—you can easily add that through the extension, too.

Check out the video above to see the extension in action.

How can you download the extension?

RealTime Email Content for Litmus Builder is available on the Chrome store. We’d love for you to give it a try and let us know what you think! If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@liveclicker.com.