Adaptive Personalization



Overcome the roadblocks that hold your email performance back. With Liveclicker’s Adaptive Personalization capabilities, marketers can deliver the most relevant message based on constantly changing consumer context, behavior, and preferences.


Adaptive Testing

Automate your testing process by displaying the best performing content – no matter the context.

  • Eliminate the need to manually segment lists, run multiple deployments, or change copy post-send with results that improve as time passes
  • Maximize the performance of large promotional email distributions by ensuring test results are optimized for the entire database
  • Drive revenue per email in triggered programs by continuously swapping content over a period of hours, days, or even months
adaptive sequence

Adaptive Experiences

Put your recipients in the driver’s seat by changing the content that’s displayed in future email sends based on behavior data captured from prior sends, your website, or even your mobile app.

  • Capture preferences from in-email polls to automatically change product assortments displayed in future sends
  • Create captivating, on-brand experiences that change the look and feel of your messages based on past click activity
  • Populate live offers in email based on website actions to ensure a seamless experience between channels
adaptive line


To experience personalized messaging based on the recipient’s choice – and bring a higher order of relevance to any message.

Adaptive Targeting

Harness the power of machine learning to overcome some of the most pressing challenges faced by marketers seeking to benefit from open-time technology.

  • Accurately predict the location of your recipients even when ISP limitations prevent the display of live, geo-targeted offers
  • Market ‘in the moment’ to increase offline traffic to stores, events, or other physical locations
  • Intelligent technology adapts to changing subscriber open behavior to deliver improved results over time
adaptive location

Using Adaptive Targeting, a leading online marketplace was able to increase “known” recipient locations by 45-61%, a significant improvement in its ability to deliver geo-personalized content to a broader segment of the audience.

And in another case, one large multichannel retailer increased the number of geo-targeted offers in email by 13 percent within one week.

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