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[Webinar] How to Get $20+ in ROI from Every $1 Spent on Personalization

Marketers have known for some time that personalization makes for better marketing. Now there’s data to prove it, and you can get a firsthand look at it in our upcoming webinar!

A report based on research from The Relevancy Group recently dropped a bombshell on the marketing world: Not only is personalization a boon to marketing efforts – it has the potential to massively boost ROI, to the tune of $20 or more for each dollar invested.

The research indicates that advanced personalization tactics can dramatically improve the bottom line for marketers; but it also explains that most marketers are still stuck on “the basics.” 

That begs some obvious questions:

  • • What, exactly, is advanced personalization – and what makes it different from basic personalization?
  • • If advanced personalization is so great, why aren’t all marketers doing it already? What’s standing in the way?
  • • Who is doing advanced personalization right, and what lessons can marketers take from their examples?

We’ll be exploring all that and more in our joint webinar with The Relevancy Group: Exploring The Value of Personalization for Retailers on Wednesday, Nov 6 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Eastern Time.

Join Liveclicker’s COO Kenna Hilburn with The Relevancy Group’s Nicholas Einstein, (Chief Research Officer) and Jeanniey Mullen, (Principal Analyst) for this in-depth discussion on the latest research on personalization and learn how to achieve tremendous ROI and more relevance for your own program. Register now!
Don’t want to wait to get your hands on the research? You can get a sneak peak at the data we’ll discuss in the webinar by downloading the complete report. Check it out, and come to the webinar with questions and comments about the data!