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This is Your Year! Don’t Miss the 2019 Future of Email Tour

Are you ready for the Future of Email 2019?

In case you’re not familiar with this event, Liveclicker’s fifth-annual Future of Email tour is the best way for any email marketer to learn today’s most effective actionable best practices.

The circuit will host hundreds of top consumer brands, thousands of marketers, and an army of industry innovators–all gathering to celebrate the value of innovative personalized email marketing.

Designed as an international 17-city tour, each three-hour stop features presentations from the sharpest minds in email marketing as well as many valuable networking opportunities.

A word of advice: Each event is completely free, so we can say with confidence that they will “sell out” quickly. To register, keep checking our city registration page. Each city’s registration opens approximately three weeks before its respective event.

“Email is Forever”

This year’s theme is “Email is Forever,” which is our way of showing that while many other marketing tools have come and gone, email has stood the test of time and endured as a rock-solid, ROI-producing machine.

One presenter at our recent London event used a funny quote from Slack CTO Cal Henderson to show just how permanent email really is. “Email is never going to die completely. Long-term, it is the cockroach of the internet; nobody likes it, but it is impossible to eradicate.”

While we don’t love the cockroach comparison, the metaphor does help show just that email (like it or not) really is here to stay. At the same time, we take issue with the contention that no one likes email. Consider these points:

  • Today there are more than four billion active email users—more than half the earth’s population. (For more interesting statistics related to email marketing, check out our recent blog post, “21 Compelling Email Marketing and Personalization Stats You Need to Know Now.”)
  • • Email is appealing to every demographic:
    • • According to Forbes, half of all millennials check their email while in bed each morning, and more than 60% of millennials report that email is their preferred way to communicate with retailers.
    • • Centennials (aka Generation Z) love email, too. A recent blog from ZeroBounce found that 60% of centennials have made a purchase in the last three months, and 46% of this generation finds email to be important in the online purchase process.
  • • Marketers love email, and for a very good reason: ROI.
    • • On average, marketers make $38 back for every $1 invested into email. (Campaign Monitor)
    • • An survey showed that 67% of respondents found that email was the best performing marketing channel from an ROI standpoint.
    • • Another study found that email ROI was the highest of all marketing channels, outpacing social media, SEO, and even content marketing.

2019 Future of Email ROI

These are just a few of the insights you’ll get from a bounty of presentations, case studies, cutting-edge best practices, and other real-world examples present at any of this year’s Future of Email events.

Let’s do this!

The Future of Email is your chance to learn about earn about the latest technologies, cutting-edge campaign strategies, and can’t-miss tactics you can use to transform email in 2019 and beyond.

But it wouldn’t be the same without you, so make sure you plan to attend a Future of Email event in a city near you. We hope to see you there! Click here to find an event near you.