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Bring Home the Cup with 8 Great Takeaways from #FOE2018

We’re halfway through #FOE2018, and the email all-stars in our audience have been kind enough to capture some notes for us on Twitter. Check out some of the things that they’re taking away from the event to implement back in the office. They center around three major themes that, as marketers, we should all be focusing on:

  • PEOPLE. Humans – customers, prospects and partners – are the lifeblood of your business. Build your marketing communications around creating personal connections with them. Know their values, behavioral characteristics, preferences, questions, decision-making process, and more, to deliver just the right kind of content.
  • AUTOMATION. We now have the power to leverage innovative technologies to reach more people, move more customers through the lifecycle, test to see what works, and activate customer data at scale. Using automation will help streamline production.
  • INNOVATION. Find new ways for your teams to innovate for your company. Whether it’s in strategy or execution, keeping a keen eye on trends will foster success.

The following list includes meaningful takeaways from our #FOE2018 attendees.

1.Future of Email Tweet 1

Meeting email goals relies on content that delivers value, and creates engagement, interest, affinity, and satisfaction. This content can take many shapes, such as live animated charts for rewards and loyalty programs, current articles, fares, and more.

2.Future of Email Tweet 2

Use content that builds trust and a positive customer experience, for example, by providing up-to-the minute product availability, consistent offers from website to email, real-time user generated content, and device-targeted mobile apps. The list is endless.

3.Future of Email Tweet 3

Yes, Virginia, video in email can be done, and it does create greater engagement. In fact, Cineplex used device-targeted movie trailers, polling, timers, and time-targeted imagery in email to sell an additional 29,000 movie tickets.

4.Future of Email Tweet 4

This message from @ReturnPath has really resonated with the Future of Email audience, generating numerous attendee tweets. Remember: think of email marketing as a way to conduct human interaction to engage consumers over the lifecycle. Start with a positive first impression and set expectations in the welcome phase, create a connection, and value the customer point of view to establish a stronger relationship.

5.FOE Tweet 5

Use audience insights to inform your dialog. Capturing customer information is the first step to understanding your customer, customizing your offers, and delivering the relevance that is so key to engagement.

6.Future of Email Tweet 6

Producing and editing email templates has always posed a significant challenge for email marketers, but we need to find ways to automate and innovate while getting emails to market faster. There are, in fact, new tools and alternative approaches designed to speed content creation. To learn more, join us for our webinar on July 17th with stensul.

7.Future of Email Tweet 7

No one gets to be a pro overnight. As email marketers, we have a multitude of methods and tools to hone our very testable and measurable craft. We need to make sure we’re taking the time to understand results in context and why things are occurring, and we need to constantly strive for optimization. There’s no such thing as a silver bullet to email marketing success. The best programs grow incrementally by piecing the puzzle together over time.

8. FOE Tweet 8

Now what? As we get back to the rhythm of work life, let’s take what we’ve learned at the Future of Email to expand our playbooks and apply these actionable tips.


And, in case you missed the first half of our Future of Email tour, we hope to see you on the back half! Click here for the schedule. Thanks to our organizers, sponsors and attendees for making it great!