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Will the Real All-Stars of Marketing Please Stand Up

As the Marketing Manager of Events at Liveclicker, I have the privilege of producing the Future of Email Tour. Email marketing strategies and technologies continue to evolve and there’s much to be learned about the future of the industry. Companies continually release new innovations and display incredible creativity and skill, but what impresses me the most in the email industry is the people.

We know that email offers the highest ROI of any marketing function, and yet it’s still cast aside as the least sexy form of marketing. We believe that should change. Email is the performance beast, and email marketers are the all-stars. Let’s give them the tools and the opportunities they need to rise above the noise.

It’s the email marketers that sort through the knowledge, products, and innovations to create brilliant strategies for their brands. They’re the ones who know how to get the job done. This year at Future of Email, we wanted to celebrate you: the email marketers. You work hard to create, strategize, and implement. It’s important to honor you and the work that you’re doing, and help you push your program farther. This tour is all about you.

Through a carefully chosen panel of industry experts, Liveclicker and other sponsors are crafting presentations that cover topics including deliverability, personalization, list hygiene, machine learning, data integration, automation, and so much more. Each presentation offers guidance and tips that will help you continue to be an all-star on the marketing team.

For example, at our first two events in Austin and Dallas we heard from our speakers about:

  • • Innovation in email marketing, why it needs to become a priority and how to make it so – Trendline Interactive
  • • Navigating machine learning and how to best use it to become an email all-star – Cordial
  • • Building email relevance through new acquisition strategies – Fluent
  • • Email creation: the next digital transformation – stensul

That’s not all. After the presentations, you’re invited to a reception where you’ll get to meet other #emailgeeks in your own backyard and rub elbows with some of the best and the brightest in the industry! That might be my favorite part of the evening – watching valuable connections being made – and information exchanged – over the cocktail hour.

Every email marketer knows that they can drive results using new and different strategies, but some have a hard time getting started or knowing just what to do. We can’t wait to get together and share our hidden playbooks with you, the email all-stars.

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