Email Marketing

Relevance: Are you sending the right message at the right time?

With an estimated 225 billion emails sent every day across the globe in 2017 alone, relevance is more important than ever to ensure your message isn’t lost. Communicating with your subscribers at the right time with the right message is essential to promote engagement and perhaps more importantly, boost lifetime subscriber value and overall brand affinity. I mean, honestly, how much do you respect a brand that emails you three times a week with product offers that you have never shown any interest in? In addition to it not driving engagement in that instance, the lingering feeling that the brand is disconnected from you will remain.

In recent years there has been considerable focus on personalization, customer journey mapping, and lifecycle marketing communications. Now that the secret is out and more brands than not have put at least some resources toward this, taking it to the next level is a necessary next step.

Case in point: Welcome subscriber series

Sending a welcome email or series of emails once someone subscribes has been around for decades. In fact, it is more or less expected at this point. What isn’t as common is keeping the emails fresh and poignant. Often we see a generic “Thank you for subscribing, here’s your coupon” message. Why not make an impression in the inbox and in the minds of your potential customers by leveraging some personalized, interactive elements? For example, live in-email polls will help you engage your new subscribers, collect preferences, and better target content in the future. Maps that render based on the recipient’s exact location will offer convenience, as will device targeting encourage relevant app downloads. Or how about a countdown timer for a welcome offer expiration?

MasterCuts welcomes new subscribers with a live in-email poll to collect information used to target future product offers

What’s next?

So now that we’ve ensured your opening salvo will receive a facelift, it begs the question, do you have the right touch points planned for the rest of your customer communication strategy? Have you determined these based on data or just opinions?

The competition both within email inboxes and across brands is fierce and it takes more initiative now than ever to win. With the abundance of information available digitally, from polished ads to customer reviews and video documentary, it is essential to be deliberate and effective in your messaging. Building out both customer and prospect lifecycle marketing efforts, and ensuring an engaging, personalized experience every time is not only what it takes to win, but what it takes to play.

7 For All Mankind re-engages past purchasers with a discount off their “Favorite Fit” and displays that style to showcase similar styles available at the moment of open

Let us help ensure you are playing to win with the most optimal subscriber customer journey. Download the infographic from Liveclicker and Bronto to learn more proven tactics for email personalization.