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Video: Justin Foster explains RealTime Email with Thinkaholics

Use moment-of-open data to create unique email experiences with Liveclicker on Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Watch Liveclicker Co-Founder & VP of Market Development; Justin Foster speak with Patrick Mulhern, Co-Founder & CEO of Thinkaholics, a media company that provides coverage and insights into the cloud computing industry. Founded in 2014, Thinkaholics has defined a new voice in sharing and learning about cloud computing.

Justin explains how RealTime Email works and how it works with current email programs. RealTime Email increases conversions and email activity without disrupting existing workflows or template development.

Use moment-of-open data to create unique email experiences with Liveclicker on Salesforce Marketing Cloud:



Patrick: We’re checking out your product RealTime Email. Can you tell the audience a little bit about it?

Justin: Ah, sure. Basically, what we do with RealTime Email- we enable content within email messages to be updated at the moment the message is opened. As opposed to when the email is sent.

Patrick: So, it’s no longer a static content? It’s rather, a living breathing entity?

Justin: That’s right. So, for years, email marketers have been frozen in time when they send their messages out. We really help make their messages more engaging, dynamic, and interactive by changing to each opener’s unique context.

Patrick: What parts of the email can be ‘live’ now every time someone opens it?

Justin: It’s anything inside the email. I can give you a couple of examples of that. One is being able to embed video inside of email. Email senders have been trying to put video inside of emails for years, but they haven’t been able to do it because of different types of mail clients – they don’t all support video.

What we can do is detect what client the recipient is using the moment of open and if it can render email we display it. If it can’t, rather than breaking the email, we’ll show a clickable video thumbnail image. There are all sorts of interactive things we can do within email now.

Patrick: You know, we mention click-thru rates and things like that. Where do those analytics live? Where does that data live?

Justin: Liveclicker is just an image tag that sits within the email template. It gets sent out through Salesforce Marketing Cloud or their current email service provider. All of the click-thru data, open data, conversion data – all of that data would continue to come through Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Liveclicker is going to collect additional analytics. For example; how long where emails opened that contained video? How long were emails opened with timers or countdown? We can provide live weather forecasts inside of emails.

We augment the analytic data going into the Marketing Cloud. We don’t replace them.

Patrick: Can that other data go to another organization for analysis? Or does it live primarily on your platform?

Justin: It can definitely go to other platforms. We have a REST API, you can pull the data out, and all of the data is available in XML. Also, the information can be pushed through scheduled reports, so, yes.

Patrick: What about the actual building of the email? Is this still, a marketer can build this email? You’re not coding anything, right?

Justin: We don’t touch the coding of the email. The workflow that a marketer uses when adding Liveclicker changes little compared to when they aren’t. Typically, the process is still going to be; the email is designed in a layered PSD file. Then cut down, and you’ve got HTML that’s coded. Where you see Liveclicker-powered content is inside an empty div or table, something like that. Liveclicker has it’s own UI that a user logs into to configure these live pieces of content.

The output of our platform is a simple HTML image tag. The tag just gets copied and pasted into the templates HTML. The email is sent out, as it normally would be.

Patrick: So, a very minor change in your email marketing campaign?

Justin: Yes, tiny change.

Patrick: Where can people go to check it out?

Justin: To learn more about Liveclicker, go to We have a lot of examples there. You can even put in your email address and have live content sent to you, right there.

Patrick: Go check out the demo, folks. Thanks so much.

Justin: Thank you.