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RealTime Email: Extending Email Relevancy

Content relevancy has always driven email marketing’s effectiveness; time, location, messaging, imagery, list segmentation, and device type are all indicators to how far we as marketers try and make our work, relevant.  Anyone who’s been at the helm of an email campaign knows the feeling of hitting the send button; it comes with a fierce amount of anxiety. No turning back. No more corrections, updates, second chances, and it needed to go out yesterday – send it.

This type of situation is where I cut my teeth in email marketing. Always checking, rechecking, clicking links, removing Word markup, dealing with updates out of my control, meeting deadlines, resorting list groupings, making last minute updates, sending the email, and then being told someone missed an important piece of content for the deployment.  It was a wild ride from start to finish. The amount of manual work to produce, test, and deploy emails became not just stressful, but cumbersome as well.

What amazed me was the volume of work being utilized to generate an email that was irrelevant in less than a few days.  Like most email marketers we’d watch our analytics spike, sputter, then flatten out. Time to wash, rinse, and repeat the process for next week’s email onslaught.

Email Technology’s Evolution to Continual Relevancy

As the email marketing industry evolved from batch and blast methodologies into programmatic campaigns with triggers, timers, automated A/B testing, and in-depth campaign metrics the focus on relevancy strengthened. New email technologies brought with them new opportunities, allowing marketers to dial-in the data, and create more engaging email campaigns.

The issue was still relevancy, even with all the new data and tools. Emails expired due to the static message content. Although the campaign was filled with hours of work and list targeting, it was old, and old emails are traditionally deemed irrelevant in the inbox. Email on a commercial level didn’t continue the conversation like other digital mediums; it had a single track purpose with a quick shelf life.

Enter Real-Time Email Technology

Alongside video in email, the ability to update content within an email in real-time has turned the traditional email channel into a much more interactive space. Real-time email marketing can extend the life of an email almost indefinitely by pulling fresh content into the inbox every time the recipient opens their email.  An email’s lifecycle in the past was typically not more than a few days.

Now, real-time emails can provide days, if not, weeks more relevant content to the inbox. Travel companies can send emails with seating charts that constantly update, displaying live pricing and availability of tickets. Social media oriented organizations can add their feeds to an email with continuous real-time content, so that the freshest blogs, tweets, and posts are always present.   Recipients of real-time email will notice things like live weather, rotating imagery, package tracking, live polls/voting, and map content based on geo-location. All updating within the email at the moment-of-open.

Email is no longer a static marketing tool.

The idea that email is dead is not based on substantial evidence. With real-time email technology, marketers can create and have emails update with various triggers responding to the recipients shifting personal context, putting relevancy into the email at the moment-of-open. Real-time opportunities apply to every email use case: sales, marketing, transactional, educational, customer service, etc.

Real-time email technology removes relevancy barriers within the inbox.

Email marketing has carried the honor of being digital marketing’s ROI workhorse for quite some time. Year-over-year inbox marketers repeatedly generate revenue in almost every industry on a global scale. The natural direction of evolution was for interactive emails to exist; now they’re here in full-force.

Liveclicker’s RealTime Email Platform

Adding Liveclicker’s RealTime Email functionality to your next email campaign can be done with a cut and paste of HTML into a pre-existing email template. That simple. Configuring the real-time content is done within a dashboard for a quick setup with minimal coding. Some of the world’s leading brands are already using this technology to advance their email programs and get an edge on the competition. DIRECTV used RealTime Email to double subscriptions adding new subscribers to their NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

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