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Update: Embedded Video Support in iOS 9

You may be aware that Apple released its newest mobile operating system, iOS 9, on Wednesday, September 16. We are publishing an important notification regarding how embedded video functions in the iOS 9 native mail client on iPhones and iPads when using Liveclicker’s RealTime Email service.

What’s Changing?


  • An animated video thumbnail now displays by default in all native iOS mail clients, including the iOS 9 mail client. Previously, a static player thumbnail displayed by default. Users have the option to disable this feature, if desired.
  • When full screen video playback is initiated by the recipient, a new option to return directly to the email is now present via a “Back to Email” button that displays within the browser window when viewed on an iOS device running iOS 9.

Not Changing:

  • A recipient tapping the player thumbnail within the iOS 9 native mail client will invoke a full screen player in-browser, as before.
  • If a recipient opens an email containing a RealTime Email video embed code in iOS 8.4.1 or earlier, 1-tap playback functionality is preserved.


  • When the full screen video player launches upon the first in-email tap, the video player will appear full screen. A second tap is now required to initiate playback for recipients using iOS 9’s native mail client. Prior to the release of iOS 9, the second tap was not required.

Preview the iOS 9 experience.

How many iOS openers will see the new iOS 9 experience?

As of September 21, 2015, Liveclicker measured 37% of all iOS requests from iOS 9 across its aggregate client base. This figure is 13% less than the adoption figure of 50% published by Apple in a PR announcement also released September 21. Based on these figures, it appears iOS 9 adoption is occurring somewhat more rapidly than previous versions of iOS. Should the adoption curve flatten out and more closely parallel the adoption curve of iOS 8, Liveclicker would expect the following adoption of the new experience:

  • Three months from now, two out of every three iOS openers would see the new experience.
  • Six months from now, three out of four iOS openers would see the new experience.
  • One year from now, seven out of eight iOS openers would see the new experience.

The landscape of embedded video in email is constantly shifting. You can continue to expect Liveclicker to remain on top of the most important changes to mail clients and respond with updates to support the current environment.