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Research: Maximize Consumer Engagement with Real-Time Email Marketing

San Jose, CA, December 10, 2014 — Liveclicker, Inc. (, a global innovator in delivering rich customer experiences across the web and email, today unveiled new research in its “Exploring the Benefits of Real-Time Email: Driving Marketing Effectiveness” report, written by David Daniels of The Relevancy Group, LLC. The study analyzes consumer mobile email use and attitudes as well as marketers’ challenges with delivering accurate and relevant campaigns to enhance consumer engagement and increase revenues. The report also provides examples and a roadmap — based on business value and ease of implementation — for marketers to send fresh, targeted offers without needing to increase frequency, addressing consumers’ top-two complaints about email marketing, particularly on mobile devices.

According to the survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers, 73 percent of respondents utilize mobile phones to access one or more email accounts. When asked what they don’t like about receiving email marketing messages on their mobile phones, 44 percent replied that they receive too many emails/too often, 37 percent said the messages were not relevant and 32 percent said the messages were too small to interact with on mobile. Nearly half, 42 percent, use mobile phones to triage their email inboxes and one third use their mobile device as their primary way of accessing email. These usage patterns demonstrate the need for marketers to utilize device detection, app download buttons and links within the email to drive subscriber engagement.

“It is clear from our research that consumers expect more from marketers and that solving mobile email rendering issues alone is not enough to gain competitive advantage in today’s business climate,” said David Daniels, founder and CEO of The Relevancy Group LLC. “Adopting a strategy that includes real-time targeting tactics, from some of the simplest to implement, such as countdown timers or live social feeds, to some of the more advanced, such as context personalization and live web content, can create a powerful experience and drive engagement no matter what device the consumer uses for email, but particularly for multi-tasking consumers on the go.”

The Real-Time Email Value Ladder is a tool to help marketers start implementing and testing real-time email tactics incrementally, helping them progress based on ease of implementation and value to the business at each level, including:

  • Novice:  Countdown timers, live social feeds
  • Intermediate:  Context personalization, real-time A/B testing and embedded video
  • Advanced:  Live web content, personalized deadlines
  • Expert: Real-time personalization using disparate data sources

Deploying emails using more sophisticated tactics such as dynamically updated pricing, inventory and specific user information in real time can be the hardest to implement, but can also deliver the best returns; while easier to implement tactics such as device context, weather, live A/B testing and local maps also offer high business value. On the lowest rung of the ladder, tactics such as social feeds and countdown timers can be highly impactful in the correct context, showing a 15 to nearly 70 percent increase in click-through rates when compared against emails that don’t include such elements.

“Given the volume of email marketing and the overload of messages consumers are fielding, marketers need to fight for access to data that can be paired with context in a real-time manner to realize great revenue and efficiency gains,” said Justin Foster, co-founder and vice president of market development for Liveclicker. “The Real-Time Email Value Ladder will help marketers determine which tactics deliver the most favorable results for the business based on unique situations and resources, and will transform email marketing campaigns from broadcast to targeted mailings that quickly impact the bottom line.”

“Exploring the Benefits of Real-Time Email” is now available for free download here.


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