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Webinar: The Benefits of RealTime Email – Driving Marketing Effectiveness

Interested in exploring the benefits of RealTime Email?

Join the exclusive webinar “Exploring the Benefits of RealTime Email – Driving Marketing Effectiveness,” on Thursday, November 20th, to hear David Daniels, CEO & Co-Founder of The Relevancy Group and Justin Foster, Co-Founder & VP Market Development of Liveclicker deep-dive into the benefits of RealTime Email.

This webinar will preview new research and data from The Relevancy Group on the benefits of leveraging RealTime Email.  Additionally, attendees will learn tactics and hear real-world examples to drive marketing effectiveness using RealTime Email technologies and strategies.

Attendees will learn:

  • Challenges and opportunities of reaching multi-tasking consumers
  • Techniques to break through the marketing clutter to improve relevance and engagement
  • How to leverage context and marry it with relevant content immediately
  • Tactics for creating urgency with new content paradigms
  • How to leverage RealTime technologies for testing and optimization
  • The ROI marketers experience when implementing RealTime Email

The webinar starts in:

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Hope to see you there!