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Embedded Video in Email at MarketingSherpa

mARKETINGSHRPALike you, we’re busy.  At Liveclicker, we’ve been so busy sharing our VideoCommerce and VideoEmail solutions with the wider world that we’ve neglected to keep those updates flowing to the VideoEmail blog.  Shame on us – but we’re going to make good on the lapse.  Recently, VideoEmail has been on display at several industry trade shows, some of which I’ve been fortunate to participate in.

A couple of weeks ago, VideoEmail was on tour at the MarketingSherpa 2014 Email Summit in Las Vegas.  Brands of all stripes and from many industries stopped by to see VideoEmail in action. Among the common questions addressed:

  • Does embedded video in email cause emails to break?
  • What is the real advantage of using embedded video in email versus linking to video from email?
  • Which mail clients support embedded video in email?
  • Why is VideoEmail necessary to embed video in email?

Most senders are still brand-new to the world of embedding video in email.  There are so many misconceptions about this marketing tactic that it can be confusing to know where to start.  At MarketingSherpa, we initiated the embedded video in email journey with close to 100 brands.  How about your organization?  A quick way to start on your embedded video in email path is to sign up for a free account or contact our sales team to set up a 30-minute web demo.

Happy Emailing!